give up?

did you ever feel like you wanna give up? on anything, like in school, social group, family, or maybe.. in your live? like "death is better than my live" and you feel like giving up? and you wanna end your live as quick as possible? you know what? i don't blame you. you can kill yourself. you can go from this cruel world. i don't care. is it because i'm a stranger? yes. i am a stranger to you, but that's not the reason why i let you to kill yourself. it's because, if you wanna kill yourself then you are weak. you can't face all your problem. you just ran from it. you just a coward. this world is cruel. you should know about that.

but if you decided to really end your live, then please think about this. people who have a cancer or a critical ill, do they want to be sick? do they want to death? no. then why did you waste your live? there is so much people that want to live longer.. and they willing to give everything they have for that. and do you think that you are trash? not accepted, not use, burden, nuisance and you just nothing in this world? then if you think like that it's same like you said that god make a mistake. why did i said that? because god's not stupid. he wont send you to this world to be trash. everyone, have a purpose to live.. we all live, and there is something that we can do. you aren't a trash, you are a human. you aren't a burden, you just haven't found your skill.

then if you think that end up your live is the best decision, think again. if you too weak to face this world then just die. if you think that the world too cruel for you, so you want to die, then why did you just change the world to be less.. cruel..? this is live, it has 2 side.. bad side and a good side. if you feel down, look at the good side, your family, your friends, everyone that love you.. if you think there is no one that love you, then try to love yourself.. don't torture yourself.. be humble.

still think to kill yourself?

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