my Ideas

hi guys. today i want to share about my absurd ideas. why did i said its absurd? well, its because if at first an idea isn't absurd, there is no hope for it. -albert einstein-

actually i have hundred of ideas, but sometimes i forgot about it. so now, i want to share to you about my ideas and, maybe i can make my ideas to become reality?

anyway, this is the list

1. neutralizing radioactive. if we can make a radioactive, why can't we made the neutralizing? well.. radioactive is a mineral. that we called as a uranium. and uranium isn't danger if the outer shell wasn't broken. so isn't tell that maybe somehow we can use that to neutralizing the radioactive? or at least, reduce the damage.

2.  oxygen machine.

uh well like i just said above, sometimes i forgot at my ideas, and now i forgot. those ideas doesn't come to my mind after long meditation. its just "poops" in my brain like a lamp. and now the lamp its turn off. i will update again if i remember. bye.

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